Online EMDR Reboot and Refresher Course

Research tells us that a successful EMDR experience is directly correlated to implementing the protocol correctly and getting a client to do EMDR has a lot to do with how it’s explained and the confidence the therapist has is presenting and implementing it (Maxfield & Hyer, 2002). We also know that some of the factors leading to whether clinicians continue use of EMDR after being trained are comfort of use and whether they receive follow up consultation or not (Grimmett, J. & Galvin, M. 2015). This workshop seeks to provide both a comprehensive review of the  EMDR  standard protocol and its variations while relaxing in the comfort of participants' own home or office. Via discussion, handouts, videos and practicum, we will focus on presenting EMDR to clients, clarifying and strengthening their use of the standard protocol, working with clusters, using floatback providing cognitive interweaves and implementing future template work.

This course will help you get back on the EMDR track, help you invite clients to come aboard and have a more efficient and effective EMDR journey.