The Journey of Trauma in the LGBTQ+ Community

All mental health clinicians work with trauma as trauma is implicated in every mental health disorder. Thus, understanding what trauma is, how trauma occurs and symptoms and behaviors of when it does are essential to providing thorough assessments, accurate treatment planning, and appropriate therapeutic interventions. This workshop will not only focus on these aspects but we will take a closer look at the effects of trauma on the LGBTQ+ community. When working with LGBTQ+ clients we need to know and understand the terminology (and historical context) of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as provide a trauma-informed and sensitive environment in order to provide effective engagement and attunement with these clients. We will learn the chemistry of the brain and body along with the Polyvagal Theory, and the LGBTQ+ person’s unique impact from events, in order to effectively integrate these aspects for clients to help educate and normalize their experiences.